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[3.5] How to use Hangar Decks

by Ol’ Pappy - 29.12.2017

Also be sure to check this article for a more technical look into Hangar Decks and more ways to apply them in action!

One of best things about War Robots is the passionate community of players that have embraced the game over the years. I’ve been a member of the main Facebook players’ pages for years, and while trolls do abound, there’s also plenty of camaraderie, including friendly ribbing, and even roasting, of other pilots.

One thing that’s always good for a chuckle is when a newer player asks grizzled veterans to post their “hangers.” Inevitably, some smart-arse will respond by posting a picture of a clothes “hanger”, not a robot “hangar”. and then we all pile on, good-naturedly razzing the noob for his mistake.

It’s all in fun, but a recent “hanger vs. hangar” meme got me thinking about the recent addition of multiple hangars in the game. For 7,500 gold, you can open up another five-slot hangar, and — if you have the gold to bankroll it — you can add up to four new hangars.


One drawback of the new multiple hangars option is that you can’t put the same mech in more than one hangar. This is mostly an inconvenience to newer players, who struggle to max one hangar, let alone multiple hangars.

If you’re still grinding your first hangar, then this function isn’t for you. But for veterans, the option to open extra hangars is a dream come true.

This has become especially true thanks to the recent addition of several new maps.

Why didn't we need multiple hangars before?

When I started playing — long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away — there were only two maps to choose from: Springfield, with its wide-open fields and river bed and Yamantau, which required players to rush across open ground to take centre.

Both maps were well-suited for sniping, and players often tailored their hangars to suit. Most players ran a combo of one or two snipers, plus three brawlers — typically Natashas, and later, Furies, plus some combo of griffins (either Death Buttons or Russian Death Buttons), Boas (Thunder-Orkans), or Rogatkas (usually with Orkans, or even punishers prior to the great machine-gun nerf of 2015).

Springfield birds-eye view

Why do we need multiple hangars now?

Since those halcyon days, seven more maps have been added to the mix. Most of the new maps are designed to favour brawling, thanks to their small battle areas and many walls and obstacles.

Take Dead City, for instance. Dropping a two-sniper, three-brawler hangar on that map is essentially like playing with only three bots.

How many times have you played Dead City solo, only to get stuck with terrible teammates who choose to spawn-in with Trebuchet Furies or Natashas? By the time they waddle up the ramp to get into firing position, your team is usually down four beacons to one. It’s game over before the match has even begun.

But conversely, how many times have you dropped on Canyon map in a brawler, only to be vaporized by Tridents, Trebs, Zeus, and Shocktrains? I’m betting your last words were something along the lines of “Damn, why didn’t I run at least one Zeus Carnage!”

After I recently won a second hangar during a Pixonic giveaway contest, I quickly created two hangar sets — one for brawling, and one for long-range maps.

Hangars 1 and 2: brawlers and snipers

I play in Champions League, and regularly face maxed clans running full Dash bot hangars. In order to compete, you have to fight fire with fire, and so, my first hangar is filled with Dash bots, running mostly Tarans and Orkans. And as much as I hate the concept of Shocktrains, I recently added them to my arsenal because of their sheer lethality.

The Dash hangar is most effective on Dreadnought, Valley, and Shenzhen, thanks to the ample shooting lanes for Shocktrain, plus the many obstacles that allow you to attack and then dash to safety.

My second hangar for my sniping big bots; I’m currently running two Furies (triple Tempests, and triple Zeus), Butch (quad Trebuchets), and Lancelot (Tempests and Molots). I round out this hangar with another Dash, a Bulgasari, armed with triple Storm. I’m still not convinced of Storm’s effectiveness, but I like the 500-metre range, which is great for taking down ancile shields. The hangar is most effective on Canyon, Springfield, and Yamantau, although the lack of a close-range brawler is a concern, especially if the reds rush our home spawn and we’re forced into a knife-fight. The lack of beacon runners also means that I need to rely on my teammates to cap beacons while I take down enemy reds.

Butch: still among the best for long range fights

These two hangars can handle most of what the game throws at me. But I recently came to the realization that neither hangar is perfectly equipped to dominate on the following maps: Dead City, Power Plant, and Moon.

Can you guess why? That’s right — it’s because the narrow alleys of Power Plant and the high walls of Moon and Dead City are best-suited for jumping robots that excel at ambush attacks.

Hangar 3: acrobats

And so, I recently unlocked a third hangar, tailored specifically for jumping (and hovering) bots. Luckily, over the years I have managed to stockpile several Griffins and Rogatkas. Other bots that would work well for this hangar include Hover and Inquisitor. The key is to run bots that can do instantly devastating damage while escaping unharmed. Currently, my “jumping hangar” consists of three Death Buttons (Orks and Pinatas), a Russian Death Button, and a Rogatka with Orkans.

With these three hangars — the all-Dash, the sniper squad, and the high-fliers — I’m pretty much optimized for any terrain I encounter.


Of course, the question arises — would I ever open more hangars? At this point, probably not. The practicality of paying for more hangars, and then upgrading more bots to fill them, just isn’t there.

But then again, you can see how certain combos would work well together… what about an all-shield hangar, with Galahads, Lances, and Rhinos? Or an all Ancile unit, with Ancilots, Carnages and Haechis? Maybe an all-light-bot squad, ready at hand for completing your daily “light bot” tasks? Hmmm…. maybe it’s time to start stockpiling gold again….!


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Dragonseidlast month

Workshop not available for iPad.

Sri Shetty4 months ago

suppose i have my initial hanger with 5 slots access,then i bought new hanger.Does my new hanger have 5 slots access? its confusing me...!!!!!!!!!

ArianKing7 months ago

that’s very expensive....!!!

MK37 months ago

Hey, has anyone noticed that my orkans and pinatas are in the wrong places?

Chris Edwards7 months ago

Does purchasing a 2nd hanger for the 7500 gold give five slots? Or does it give only three & require purchase of the two additional slots?

Jefri Yusof7 months ago

Can we discard our hanger and get back our gold robots war back?. Thank you.

Free2Play (_Y_)8 months ago

The writer missed one option out. Open a new hangar and put 1, and only 1 robot in it. Efficient tanking brought to you by Pixonic.

Hellroach8 months ago

Skykey, Unless players are willing to spend hundreds of real cash on a mobile game, multiple hangars aren’t necessary. I’ve got about a dozen or so bots in my spare hangar waiting to put in the line up (mostly because I like lots of options and because selling them really hurts), but I’ve already got my key line up already tuned up and ready to swap out. Honestly from my POV, what I’ve got is a lot like a sports team. Granted there are major differences, but I’ve got my star set for the game, and most of them are flexible enough I don’t need to switch them out for different play styles. Even when I switch my lineup around, the stars are easy to pick out, and thanks to my careful tending, I’ve spent comparably little to get them there. As for whatever game type I choose, I always have a heavy duty brawler, usually the last on the lineup, at least two heavy skirmishers, and a quick, hard hitting or attention grabbing runner. First up is my runner, either my Stalker or Rogatka. Then the skirmishers, previously Fujin, Rogatka, Ancilot, now Rogatka, Ancilot, Haechi, Bulgasari. Then lastly the brawler with most often and recently my Raijin with an Ancile/Ember combo, and preceding it was a twin Thunder/Trebuchet Fury. I set up two slow heavies with missile launchers for early, possibly prolonged support in mind, a Leo with a Noricum, and a Natasha with a Zenit. They’re both just as effective as the other in mid to short range combat, but by attempting to broaden their combat ability they come out substantially weaker than other hardpoint selections would be.
Moving on after that semi-useless ramble, the point I’m trying to make is that multiple hangars aren’t worth the over $100 they need and try to lure us with. Having a large selection is nice, and having lineups for different modes is good, but having a core group that are mode flexible is better. After all, just think of the upgrades and enhancements 7500 Gold would give you. Why spend thousands for multiple hangars of high level bots with high level gear, when with a few hundred, you can have a team of fighters capable of facing higher level players. As shown in history, you don’t need an army. Just enough, highly skilled units to do the job. Next on the agenda, ensuring allies can support those SpecOps bots. Communication has been promised. Now we need deliverance of the promise.

Skykey8 months ago

I don't need 2 hangars, I just need to get the possibility to change only two of my bots before the battle begins.

Nghĩa Đỗ Bá8 months ago

i think it is not necessary. almost player take 1 2 years to max out mk2 one hangar, and now 5 hangar ? i think it should be like this: i have 2 haechi and all my 5 hangar have 2 haechi, 3 other slot i can change another robot. it is more effective

Kein Ruckzug9 months ago

Good explanation...thanks. I agree with the rationale of having a 2nd, “loaded” hangar to run when you get sick of matchmaker’s steady stream of mismatches thanks to squads. I don’t like the idea of map tuned hangars however...takes a lot of the thinking out of the game in terms of what to run to compete on all maps.

That one guy9 months ago

Maybe in about 8 to 12 years I'll be able to get my second hangar.

Panzer9 months ago

Nice article, thanks a lot.

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