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[3.4] In The Eye of The Storm: Dash Guide

by Pilot FM9CUY - 15.12.2017

“The storm is up, and all is on the hazard”

-William Shakespeare, Julius Cæsar (1599), Act V, scene 1, line 67.

Sure, you can hit at 500m. But, don’t you want to see ‘em Storms go off in the ‘er faces?

The Storm is one of the newest weapons to have been released in WR and if the drop rates are anything to go by, the most accessible of the component class. Touted as the medium Thunder, the Storm has raised a lot of expectations. Does it match up to the hype-especially when paired up with Dash robots?

We’ll see.

First up, Storm has a much tighter spread than thunder- making it more accurate than a Thunder. However, it too suffers from bullet spread than any other type of weapon, requiring it to be fired at much, much closer than the max distance listed on the tooltip.

How close? About 100-150m close.

Now, going that close to any robot is serious risk-you’ll be in the range of EVERYTHING. So, if some bot can do it and survive, it has to be a Korean bot that can dash in and out.


First up is the crowd favourite/hated(depends on which end of the controls you are) Haechi. 3 Storms can do some serious damage at 100-150m range, and the fast mover Haechi is the perfect bot to close the distance. The ancile does a perfect job of stopping the physical weapons.

However, like with Thunder builds, the keyword in piloting a Storm Haechi is "ambush". One can’t expect to traverse unscathed till within 150m of the target to deliver the full import of Storms. So, remain hidden till you see the target, Dash out, dance around the red and dash back to cover when your ancile runs out and you start taking damage. Haechi, with its superior speed, can run circles around most robots.


The sweet, sweet sound of brewing Storms.

However, sometimes that speed is too much. There is a time lag between firing and delivering damage from Storms- something that the Dash is entirely unsuited too. Dashing around too much will make you miss your targets, and at 150m, that’s the last thing you’d want to do. So, always pick targets with large surface areas- Leos, Natasha, Lancelot, Griffins. The size will ensure that at least some of the bullets hit always.

Now, relying too much on a Haechi’s ancile might prove to be a mistake. At 150m, it can and will be drained too fast by Thunders, Pinata-Orkan combos and machineguns. Corner-shooting from a Haechi is much less effective since one of the weapon slots is on the other side. And remember- Haechi is paper in front of Plasma builds so never, ever try to take one down if it has noticed you.

Next up, is the guy with the physical shield...


This is where the storm build finds the most effective use. The weapon slots are all on the same side- making a Bulgasari perfect for hiding most of its body and just using the Storm to wreck havoc on the reds.

But again, an ambush is the key. With speed slightly slower than a Haechi, and a longer cooldown on Dash — Bulgasari is not your go-to robot for zipping across the map. But what it loses on speed, more than makes up for durability.

Cornershooting: Now if only there were some reds around

The shield will not only block plasma but also most firearms. It gives the Bulgasari a much needed staying power-it can tank a respectable amount of damage while delivering death blows from its Storms.

  • Protip: The Bulgasari shield can also block Hydras, Spirals completely. Just turn the Bulgasari shield 90 degrees (perpendicular) from the directing those homing missiles are approaching. So if they are coming from your front, turn to the right side so the shield faces the projectiles and voila! Hydras no longer a problem. The same tactic blocks Aphids too-but you need cat-like reflex to counter the much faster Aphids-then too, about 10% of the damage gets through.

So, walk up to the target- hit it with Storms- turn your shields to block the incoming and dash out into cover. The large health pool helps the Bulgasari to stay for a long time and turn the tide of the battle. The speed is balanced, making it appear less jittery while using Storms.

  • Protip: If you’re getting hit by Plasma, use the above tip and turn your shield to face it. If it’s a full Taran firing at you, count  8 pa-pa sounds and then you’re safe to hit back.

Bulgasari is the best suited to use Storms most effectively.

And now, the final one...


I’m going to say it outright. Kumiho fails at using Storm.

Gotta go fast!

The main power of a Kumiho is its ultra-short recharge period of Dash. So, Kumiho on average is the fastest robot on the ground — which is a drawback on using Storms. Storms need one to stay and deliver damage. The main playstyle of a Kumiho is dancing-zipping-flitting around and land hits. The speed itself makes it unsuitable for Storms. The lower health pool, the fewer number of hardpoints make it a sub-par Storm platform and as such not recommended by me.

  • Protip: Your Kumiho can Dash on air! After using a Dash from an elevated position, if you activate the other Dash charge while the Kumiho is still in the air, the Kumiho won’t land and instead, charge on from the air itself like those ridiculous martial arts films.

However, its speed means that a lot of plasma, firearms miss Kumiho, sometimes letting it stay for a surprisingly long time on the field. It also is one of the, if not the best beacon capturing robot.

There you go,  A rundown on the pros and cons of the Korean Storm builds. For more in-depth analysis of Korean bot playstyles, Marty has it covered.

For a more fun time, load up your Korean bots with Storms and go blast some Reds!


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InsaneFlame11 last year

Kumiho really is horrible with Storms. But A haechi or Bulgasari is devastating.

Pyrotech442last year

Kumiho is just TOO fast. A speed nerf would balance it and the storm setup would be more viable. Along with haechi, what if you completely removed the ancile? It still has better firepower than the kumiho and you could nerf the health of the kumiho so the haechi has more health than it. The kumiho has too much health for its speed yet is faster than a stalker.

VengefulSpoonlast year

I think on the second paragraph of the Bulgasari section you meant to say, "and a longer cool down on Dash -- [BULGASARI] is not your go-to robot for zipping across the map." Am I right?

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