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[3.4] Inquisitor: how to use and how to counter

Today we will be observing the elusive Inquisitor. Most of the time it isn’t even there. Sometimes it’s right in front you and you still can’t see it. Where is it? Why aren’t they around every corner or under every bridge (like those darn Haechis)? Inquisitor is certainly more intricate, and potentially more vulnerable. Whether you are in one or fighting one, it’s all a game of timing.

This guide will have two parts: How to Use and How to Counter.

How to Use

Lancelot, Stalker, or Griffin?

Actually, it’s none of the above. Pilots who treat their Inquisitor like a Stalker most likely will overestimate their agility and are either too hesitant to pull the trigger, or too trigger happy. “Descend” and “Stealth” are more different than they might think. However, those who treat it like a Lancelot often trip over their own egos and jump right into the mouths of hungry enemies. Treating it like a Griffin would result in misjudging firepower.

Surely 1 heavy slot is better than 2 light slots, right? Not necessarily. Light weapons go hand in hand with medium weapons. For example, Pins and Tulumbas were made for each other, and so were Pinatas and Orkans. Tridents, Embers, and Thunders are not quite as complementary in most cases.

The Inquisitor is more unique than it might seem. If you happen to have one (or more?) of these shiny robots then you have to treat it as such. This is no Dash bot. It’s slower, more fragile, and vulnerable, especially when the ability is on cooldown. To start, here are three things I would NOT do in an Inquisitor:

General tips

1. Don’t overestimate your stealth

Jumping will give you 3-5 seconds at most, but when you touch the ground, the countdown begins. If you can’t take your target or targets down in the 5 seconds given to you, get ready for a world of hurt.

Jumping in confidently and doing damage will give you an early advantage, but may still result in a loss in the end, because while you are busy exhausting stealth and ammo, they have time to reload and get ready to throw everything at you.

2. Don’t waste your ability

Jumping to cover ground or to propel yourself into a group of healthy enemies is a bad idea in most cases. Not only is the cooldown technically five seconds longer than the popular Griffin, but people like to take advantage of a grounded Inquisitor. Many people see it as a threat, and as soon as you show them that you’ve used it up, you will be targeted.

3. Don’t hesitate to jump up or away from enemies

It can be argued that the Descend ability was designed for offense, but without the right conditions, it fails to protect you for long in that situation. Jumping straight up is good for staying with an enemy or a teammate, and it’s great for staying on top of beacons.

Once again, using it to jump right into a group of enemies will leave you right next to them, with no way to escape and no way to defend yourself after stealth runs out. It will almost always result in a dead Inquisitor.


Three things that I would do in an Inquisitor

1. Prey on the weak

An Inquisitor descending on a untouched Lancelot is more of an even trade than an attack. Taking it down in five seconds is rare, and and it has the HP and firepower to make up for its lack of stealth. It makes more sense to attack enemies with half HP or less, because you can take them down while taking little to no damage at all.

The goal is to clear the field before stealth runs out. When getting ready to jump, consider whether 5 seconds is enough to achieve this.

2. Read the terrain

This includes your map, your position, your team position, enemies, and the beacon situation. This is technically true for any robot, but Inquisitor has the perfect ability to change the tide of battle when used correctly. An example of this would be if the enemy is holding center with an iron fist. Nobody can get through to them, and nobody can go around them.

There are two options in this situation. Before doing anything, make sure your team is about to attack, not somewhere else.

  • The first option would be to jump in first, before your teammate(s) charges in. You will often scatter them, all whilst doing damage to them and most importantly, distracting them. It creates a window of opportunity for your team to attack while they are vulnerable. This usually means the Inquisitor is sacrificed, but if it saves the game, then it’s worth it.
  • The second option would be letting the team attack first, or attacking at the same time as the team. I would only recommend this option if there are enough players to significantly weaken their control of center, OR if there is a constant stream of backup to help you keep center right after taking it. Time your jump to just after your team has battled them, because they will be weaker and lacking ammo. You capture center, and then backup arrives to help you defend it. This method saves the Inquisitor to fight another day, but it means teammates are sacrificed instead.

3. Jump only after you’re sure you aren’t making a mistake

This might seem obvious, but apparently some Inquisitors simply can’t wait to use their ability. Using it as soon as it recharges is sometimes necessary, to escape a near death situation, or to end an immediate enemy push onto a beacon. However, sometimes waiting pays off. Always look at the situations and scenarios that you are in, and ask yourself: Is this worth a jump that could potentially strand me, or leave me with nothing to escape with?

For example, if I had a choice to jump forward into center when its empty, I have to decide whether that’s worth it, or if I can simply walk in and take it. If I walk in and take it, then I have a way to quickly get out of center, or defend it by jumping straight up. Another good example would be attacking a single enemy that is threatening a beacon. Jumping at them may give them the chance to back around a corner and wait for you to run out of stealth. If you let them capture the beacon first, it may put them out in the open with nowhere to hide, then you jump in and strike. Always give this a moment's thought before pressing that button.


How to Counter

They might seem intimidating at first, but if you let them play into your trap instead playing into their trap, then they are just another hunk of metal to chew through. No shield, no escape plan, just you and them. First, here are three DON’TS when dealing with Inquisitors.

What you SHOULDN'T do

1. Don’t just stand there and let them shoot you!

Another obvious one, but still people sit there and gawk at the pretty blue eyes of the Inquisitor. If one lands right in front of you and you can’t hit them, then it only makes sense to move, whether it’s to find cover or just trying to dodge the attack.

The only situation where standing still would make sense is if you are desperately trying to hold onto a beacon that you are standing on. But don’t forget - they are in just as bad of a position as you are, after exactly five seconds.

2. Don’t let them escape

This ties into the first point, because if you hide from them they might be able to get away from you once their stealth runs out. Then they recharge and repeat the process. Once they are out, you have 20 seconds to hunt them down, and I recommend this pursuit in most cases. The fewer number of times an Inquisitor jumps, the less damage it is able to inflict free of charge, so getting them during their downtime is important. Without that jump, Inquisitor is just a naked Lancelot!

3. Don’t shoot at something you can’t always hit

Some people argue that Inquisitor is large enough to shoot at even when in stealth, and this is true. You can hit them… kind of. Most shots miss, and occasionally one happens to catch on it. Why waste your ammo while they are on stealth? Unless they are on the very edge of death and you can kill them with the stray shot, then this is a mistake. Save your shots for when you can actually make good use of them!  Unloading before their stealth is gone means you are totally empty when they are finally vulnerable.

What you SHOULD do

1. Make them waste it

Without that ability, Inquisitor is just… underwhelming. If they are aggressive you can let them come to you, and all you have to do is make sure you have a handy hideout to stay in for 5 seconds. Then you can bring the pain knowing that there is nothing they can do about it. Of course, if they are playing defensively this requires some initiation on your part. Bait them out, just tap that fire button and hopefully scare them into jumping, either out of sight or straight up.

If they leap away then the beacon is yours for the taking (don’t forget to prepare for the offensive jump likely to occur in about 20 seconds). Jumping straight up means that not only is the beacon yours for taking, so is the Inquisitor. Bait them, back up, and then move in for the kill.

2. Keep a friend close

Questionable Inquisitors may jump to take on both of you, and even if he gets you or your friend, the death can be avenged. Smart Inquisitors on the other hand, will not be so bold.

This mutual umbrella of protection means the Inquisitor will have some difficulty raining on your parade. Plus, moving in to attack in groups means that the defensive jump is far less effective against two or more, which in turn encourages them to just abandon the cause altogether, leaving the beacon hopefully unguarded.

3. Try to strand them

Sometimes clever Inquisitors will also keep a friend nearby when the going gets tough. The best way to seperate them is to give them a good reason to jump away from their teammate. This may require some specific weapon configurations to force them into a heartbreaking divorce.

Perhaps the most annoying weapon of all time is the infamous Hydra. Aphids, spirals, even Shocktrain if you have them. Tulumbas/Pins works too. Inquisitor has absolutely no defense from any of these weapons, other than the precious jump. Doing a consistent amount of damage with these weapons will, for the most part, leave them with no choice but to save their HP at the sacrifice of their teammate and their jump. Then it’s only a matter of collecting the bounty.


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TJlast year

Sup having trouble with this bot? GO USE A HIGH HP ROBOT!WITH DASH/JUMP/STEALTH!
PersonallyI think using strider is the best as it has 4 dashes.2 dash in,2 dash out.





Pyrotech442last year

Having trouble with inquisitor? Get a dash bot! They are faster, have more health, good firepower, and TWO DASHES!!! Plus, they are cheaper.

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