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OGPONDSKUM29 days ago

Any Idea when you are going to upgrade the fan kit to include the latest bots, weapons, and maps?

Iron Boot 2.0last month

My name is Matthew I'm from Ontario Canada I've been playing this game on and off for quite some time 2 maybe 3 years now pretty much every chance i get this game is insanely wild love it to the Master minds behind this epic game great job I've been looking and waiting for a Mech game like this to come out I was hooked immediately after playing it reminded me of my favorite game for the PC windows 95 and 98 MechWarrior

Rudy Thijs4 months ago

make rooms for bad and good players this is real shit

Accu Roie5 months ago

This is the best game ever!

pendragon799 months ago


medjane10 months ago

Very good game

SKILLTIME10 months ago

You need to add: vortex, shocktrain, arbalest, dragoon, strider, and spectre

HyperFleX10 months ago

3.5 GB??? That file is even larger than the game!

FleetAdmiralSal10 months ago

The maps link goes to the art zip file, NOT the map zip file. Please fix. Thank you, kindly.

OGPONDSKUM10 months ago

The map files are not correct.

Diego Mttlast year

The stickers are gone?

Zastlast year

Needs shocktrain and newest weapons

RedBaronetlast year

Won't let me look at files

Akkilast year

How to use it

NandoCollast year

Thanks for that kit, you really care about your fans :)

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