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[5.1] Black Market: details and drop rates

Author - War Robots

Black Market is open and offers new armaments!

All Pilots above level 5 can enter Black Market and exchange keys for chests.

You receive keys for each battle. Bonus amount depends on the place you take in the team. If you want, you can purchase keys as well.

Using keys, you can open three types of chests: Bronze, Silver and Gold. There’s also Superchest that you get for free after opening a certain amount of regular ones. The progress bar above shows how close you are to it. The more valuable chests you open, the faster the bar fills.

Please note: every 4 weeks Black Market closes its doors for a short time to refresh the stock — mind the timer. If you have any spare Keys at that moment, they will be automatically converted into a loot prioritizing most valuable chests. If you have fewer than 10 Keys, these will turn into 1 Bronze chest.

For example you have 1823 keys left. By the time Black Market closes it will bring you items from:
— 1 Golden chest (1000 keys),
— 8 Silver chests (8 x 100 keys),
— 3 Bronze chests (2 x 10 + 3 keys on top)

Also note that Superchest progress bar resets as Black Market new season arrives.

What you can get from chests

Each chest in Black Market has corresponding items and drop rates. 

NOTE. These rates are relevant for version 5.0

Bronze (10 keys)

Bronze chest is the easiest to open and it's your extra source of resources.

Possible loot: 

● Ag: 10,000-25,000
● Au: 5-10
● Keys: 10-100

Ag 72.17%
Au 18.00%
Keys 9.83%


Silver (100 keys)

Compared to Bronze, Silver chests contain bigger Silver (100k-200k) and Gold (30-100) packs, as well as middle-tier equipment. No components. Note: starting from update 4.4, you can always check what's inside by pressing the button near the chest. 

Possible loot: 

● Ag: 100,000-200,000
● Au: 30-100
● Keys: 1000
● Robots (Au-Ag)
● Equipment (Au-Ag)

Equipment       3.11%
Robots 8.21%
Ag 47.93%
Au 40.60%
Keys 0.15%


Gold (1000 keys)

Gold chest has it all: only complete high tier items, as well as the biggest Silver (3M-10M) and Gold (1000-5000) packs. No keys, no components.

Possible loot:

● Au: 1000-5000
● Ag: 3M-10M

● Robots
● Equipment

Equipment       5.28%
Robots 0.66%
Au 40.44%
Ag 53.62%



Opening Superchest pays off for all the progress you made. Only top-notch items!

Possible loot: 

● Robots
● Equipment

Equipment      8.82%
Robots 91.18%



  • You get keys for every battle. You can also buy them;
  • There are three types of chests. Chests of better quality bring better loot but are more expensive to open;
  • After opening certain amount of regular chests you automatically get a Superchest with even better things inside;
  • If you have spare keys by the time Black Market goes on break, these will be automatically spent on best chests available.


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Ian Aguila3 days ago

Threene, Not really, i had opened 2 superchests without buying keys. It took a lot of games and ads though.

Ian Aguila3 days ago

Pixonic please update this. Possible loot of each chest is outdated.

Threene8 days ago

You can never open the superchest unless you pay them real money its a sacm.

Dirteinclast month

Unless you a new player, you will never win the 100/1000 keys.

hesam the onl2 months ago

People be playing this game, paying you for something that you're not putting much effort in it! why!? because you don't even bother to answer the questions and suggestions, your support email is just as useless as it comes, and that's why gamers like me are uninstalling this game from our devices so you can have a life selling cyber garbage to rich kids!

Nameless fighter2 months ago

I think keys should be available in supply line or battle rewards

RoboCookie12 months ago

You can't get equipment out of the superchest anymore...

RechaTech2 months ago

Rbx81, I would believe so, I also think it requires somewhere around 6,500 to 6,750

RechaTech2 months ago

I wish they added a “Are you sure” part to the buying of multiple bronze chests, because I accidentally spent 500 keys on them, after watching an add, while I was saving up for a 1000 key chest. That took hours of playing to get.

Rbx813 months ago

Hi Guys,
How many keys are needed to open a super chest nowadays?
I believe that opening a bronze, silver, gold chests adds a different progress to the bar, is that correct?

2057clones3 months ago

The black market is always open, between seasons it doesn't pause

MAXPOW3R4 months ago

Black market chests are a total rip off. Complete garbage drop rates. You always get crap you don’t need. I used to use BM a ton when I started. I wasted money on keys this week to get over the jump for a superchest. I got 1 exodus. Resale value like $3 million silver. Such garbage.

Papi4 months ago

Comme d'habitude, il cherche l'argent, arnaqueurs en série, pour avoir le super coffre il faut obligatoirement payer, et les objet gagner sont nul a chier dans les petite coffre, regarder les promotions pendant 3 semaines et Noter toute les différences, il ce peut qu'un bonne affaire ce cache parfois dans les promotions, sinon pas d'achat de clé et d'arme si c'est n'est par deux, vous serez forcément déçu de votre achat.

Brandon Hitchings4 months ago

Gold and keys need to be easier to obtain Iv been saving to buy a single gun with my gold for 2 weeks and I’m not have way

Brandon Hitchings4 months ago

What good with the league dropping shit thought y’all made it hard cuz you sure are making it stupid hard for me to go up when all the random matches put me in games against way better people every like 3rd game and I lost 17 point and I only get like 3 points per game that I win

#dontmesswithme4 months ago

yeah, piconix, you need better stuff in those fuckin chests

Andrea Pacifico4 months ago

for the gold chests the sum of the percentages does not equal 100% ...

OneHellofaDragon4 months ago

I'm not even receiving any keys from my battles, the count remains at 0 constantly although i should be getting some keys

F0XTRAUT5 months ago

Reduce the chance to get silver and increase equipment drop rates, so new players can actually get something useful from the bronze and silver chests without buying it from the store. Like an Orkan or Fury, without having to grind for gold as much.

We need players to "Like" This game, not Hate it.

Rodney Watson5 months ago

hello i spend alot money on black market i never got good stuff from it.. only fury and trident and 2 zeus 2 month ago,, all i got was sliver coins most of time it should be adjustment for coiners if it contiunes like this i will stop playing because its not fair for everyone there are no balance in the game i believe they just want my money just like kixeye!

Kyuzio6 months ago

While I know that this a common complaint, and that the drop rate is weighted heavily in favor of Ag in the Bronze chest (82.46%), most players will not realize this since the visual mechanism is that of a wheel. The assumption, right or wrong, is that if it is a wheel that you spin, it is random. It's human perception. Given that, I still believe that out of 19 "spins" I should get somthing else besides two (2) 7 Au spins, seven (7) 12,000 Ag spins, and ten (10) 10,000 Ag spins. That's all the spins I've been able to get this month, so far. Harder to do anything for those who do not spend any money on the game to by keys, gold, bots, or whatever....

Bruce Palser7 months ago

Being a statistician I should have better odds buying lotto tickets. This is not random but a deliberate way of making money and not giving the customer true gaming experience. Fix the odds and while you are at it instead of giving pieces for a specific item give us pieces we can spend on weapons or bots. Change the cost from 10k to a true price of the item so we can work towards that goal and not get lucky which with WR odds will never really happen unless we spend $ . Don't be a Grinch WR

Matt7 months ago

No changes to the black market spin, it's been 24 hours and again my first spin got 7 gold, the rest so far is nothing but silver.

Jai..7 months ago

Believe me when I say this”SUPER CHEST does not exist anymore” they have made it near impossible to obtain, Super Chests are extinct like the dinosaurs.

Matt7 months ago

Another issue, it says 1 battle to go to be able to watch a video to spin or reduce the time. 2 matches later it says the same thing.

Matt7 months ago

Serious issue, the black market is not random. You can't say it is when 3 to 4 times in a row I get silver. I'm sorry but there's no reason to screw people over like that.

Big Monkey Boss8 months ago

Silver chest changed significantly with 4.5 no? I just got AG 7 spins in a row, possible but unlikely. If so please update the page!

MechGamer8 months ago

TOPGUNჯ, Not only you, today i opened 100 Silver chests, keep getting 100,000 Ag and useless boosters. Shame on you Pix you greedy Motherf*er! Guys, do not waste your money into this rubbish game.

TOPGUNჯ8 months ago

I have opened 100key box 1000 times and it gives me only boosters what is wrong with it?

chuchin 1509999 months ago

Hola qué tal
Me encanta el juego pero e gastado muchas llaves y siempre me sale lo mismo o fichas o AG pueden arreglar esto es una desepción no sacar algo bueno 😒😒

AVENGER9 months ago

How many keys needed to get Super Chest in 4.4?

canoepolo9 months ago

with black market I only get the same prices

canoepolo9 months ago

With black market I get the same prices all the time

Robb10 months ago

Xerrious.... me also! Lost about 20-25% of black market progress bar. The help response team are being very slow off the mark.... two bot or automated responses from them only.

Can't say I'm impressed with how this is being handled. I've put through around 8.5k -9.5k keys this month and progress bar slid back to just over half way mark one evenung. .. cmon robot wars support team... do the right thing and look after your players.

xerrious10 months ago

why nobody gives me an answer to my problem?
i wrote on email and "conversation" section but i dont get an answer!

till yesterday morning my progress bat was 3 quarters full and in the evening it was less then half full.. how is this possible?? and why nobody answer me back??

ElevenStar658711 months ago

Owsam war robot game love this game

Jai..last year

It takes approximately 8,500 keys to open a super chest, it’s not so hard to figure out, simply use a ruler to measure how far the bar fills up after opening a gold chest, then calculate the rest of the bar with how many more gold chests you would need.

Adilast year

Please if Anyone can tell me about that

Adilast year

Is Opening 10 silver chests or 1 gold chest the same. Which will fill up the superchest faster.

William Truscottlast year

fucking rubbish money hungry pay more get less

jaymanlast year

still feeling unfortunate I missed the area when u could get a whole haechi from only silver chest

Inquisitor last year

Can you guys please bring back the dice roll for the WR Royale?

Othman Alalilast year

The broze chest and silver chest after update 4.0 like a shit

phantomlast year

No more silver in gold chest, that's great.

SZS8iJKlast year

What happens when you have enough leftover keys to complete the superchest progress bar, by opening chests? Will converting unused keys complete the progress bar, and then open the superchest?

Jota Elelast year

I cant purchase!!!! card has U made me lose important offerts & the super guys really duck...

Thomas Notyourconcernlast year

So, 48.57% + 34.28% + 2.85% = 100%? :)
Check you superchest data again.

Tumdurgallast year

Silver chest: Components 31,91% - which ones, weapon, robots, good stuff, shit?

Sam Fisherlast year

Please remove Silver loot from Chests. The 300k Ag can be obtained in a single match while to accumulate 100 keys takes awhile to earn.

Garunix999last year

Type-13, I have to disagree. Out of all the silver chests i opened, I recall at least 5 gust component sets, 2 arbalest, 1 vortex, and 1 ion. I was lucky enough to get 5k bulg components from a superchest though

Tumdurgallast year

So now there are Tokens in the BM, what are the new drop rate percentages?

Type-13last year

Tumdurgal, My first superchest from yesterday was 5000 shocktrain. Storm looks to be just as common as any other, as is gust. That actually debuffs their drop rates.

Tumdurgallast year

How about breaking the components down in each category, as the likelihood isn't the same. Lets's take Super Chest as the example. Pix says 48.57% for Equipment(components) but from that is it 90% Storm and 0.005% Something Good?

I'll be contacting Apple for further detains about the loot boxes and the percentages, informing them that each component is, in fact, a different prize and that Pixonic haven't abided by Apple's TOS by not providing the appropriate values per item.

Lismanlast year

Оборудование (комплектующие) 48,57%
Роботы (компоненты) 34,28%
Au 2,85%
Итого: 85,35 % ..... куда пропало 14,65% выигрыша? Почему вы предоставляете неточные цифры либо у вас есть ошибка в расчетах выигрышей...Поясните пожалуйста :)

Lismanlast year

Оборудование (комплектующие) 33,21%
Роботы (компоненты) 6,88%
Ag 11,01%
Au 41,07%
Итого: 92,17 % ... куда пропали остальные 7,83% ???

Garunix999last year

You just made everything much much worse. You didn't fix anything! Don't think we are stupid enough to believe your words. Don't believe me? Just watch this video from this timestamp.

ETC ROBLESlast year

BOLT, Before 3.8, it took 7500 keys WORTH of chests to get to SUPER CHEST. So, you needed 750 Bronze OR 75 Silver OR 7.5 Gold chests to get to SUPER CHEST. Any combination would work, so as long as it equals 7500 keys worth.
Hope this helps explain it.
Good luck to all.

ETC ROBLESlast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Before 3.8 update, it took 7500 worth of keys to get to SUPER CHEST. (ex. 750 Bronze chests, 75 Silver chests, 7.5 Gold chest.... Or ANY combination of them to equal 7500 keys worth.)
In the release notes for 3.8, they said they "TWEAKED" the time it takes to get to SUPER CHEST accordingly. Not sure if that means it now takes less chest worth to reach SUPER CHEST or more. They seem to be pretty GIVING with keys now so it may take more now. Unfortunately, they now have so many different robots and weapons for components, the chances of you getting what you want is VERY slim. the addition of Workshop 2.0, later in the year, will help everyone manufacture the specific components they want.
I'm sure someone will drop cash to buy keys so they can YouTube a massive opening to calculate just how much is needed now.
Good luck too all.

Type-13last year

Type-13, Got a Galahad and a Fury from the two I popped so far, plus my silver chest Gareth as best BM drops in the 4 months I've played. Needed supply drops and making diamond to have enough for that though.

Type-13last year

Pyrotech442, Not quite right, by using Royale free pick and a decently ranked supply drop level, as well as free spins, I get one superchest a month for no money spent on keys.

Pyrotech442last year

Could you guys NOT have the superchest reset or make it refill faster? I've played for six hours a day average for a few days but realized it was impossible to get it without playing it even more and paying real money to get it.

BOLTlast year

It is said that "The more valuable chests you open, the faster the bar fills"
Does it means that 1 gold chest fills superchest bar more than 10 silver chest ?
Plz reply

James Fergusonlast year

War robot support team, is super chest can open automatically after event end if there are eniugh keys?

Marcel Kattestaartlast year

These Ahold be a percentage in the progress bar for the superschest.
Right now or weeks to be filling slower once u almost reach it

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Rohith , About 7-8k, excluding the keys you get from spins.
I do not know the exact number though because I did mixed spins and didn't keep exact count.

Rohith last year

How much keys for a super chest?

Smokeyx Aelast year

This game starting to take our money again and then act like they dont got anything to do with, bullshxt they the creators of it so dont bull shxt me with that its not guaranteed of higher prices

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