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[6.6] Black Market: details and drop rates

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Black Market is open and offers new armaments!

All Commanders above level 5 can enter Black Market and exchange keys for chests.

You receive keys for each battle. Bonus amount depends on the place you take in the team. If you want, you can purchase keys as well.

Using keys, you can open three types of chests: Bronze, Silver and Gold. There’s also Superchest that you get for free after opening a certain amount of regular ones. The progress bar above shows how close you are to it. The more valuable chests you open, the faster the bar fills.

Please note: every 4 weeks Black Market closes its doors for a short time to refresh the stock — mind the timer. If you have any spare Keys at that moment, they will be automatically converted into a loot prioritizing most valuable chests. If you have fewer than 10 Keys, these will turn into 1 Bronze chest.

For example you have 1823 keys left. By the time Black Market closes it will bring you items from:
— 1 Golden chest (1000 keys),
— 8 Silver chests (8 x 100 keys),
— 3 Bronze chests (2 x 10 + 3 keys on top)

Also note that Superchest progress bar resets as Black Market new season arrives.

What you can get from chests

Each chest in Black Market has corresponding items and drop rates. 

NOTE. These rates are relevant for version 6.6

Bronze (10 keys)

Bronze chest is the easiest to open and it's your extra source of resources.

Possible loot: 

  • Ag: 10-25K
  • Au: 5-10
  • Keys: 10-100
Ag 72.17%
Au 18.00%
Keys 9.83%


Silver (100 keys)

Compared to Bronze, Silver chests contain bigger Silver (100k-200k) and Gold (30-100) packs, as well as middle-tier equipment. No components. Note: starting from update 4.4, you can always check what's inside by pressing the button near the chest. 

Possible loot: 

● Ag: 100,000-200,000
● Au: 30-100
● Keys: 1000
● Robots (Au-Ag)
● Equipment (Au-Ag)

Equipment       3.11%
Robots 8.21%
Ag 47.93%
Au 40.60%
Keys 0.15%


Gold (1000 keys)

Gold chest has it all: only high tier items and components, as well as the biggest Silver (10M) and Gold (1000-5000) packs. Big packs of power cells (5000) also included.

Possible loot:

● Au: 1000-5000
● Ag: 10M
● Power cells: 5000

● Items

Items 30.70%
Au 31.34%
Ag 23.51%
Power cells 14.45%



Opening Superchest pays off for all the progress you made. Only top-notch items!

Possible loot: 

● Robots

Robots 100%



  • You get keys for every battle. You can also buy them;
  • There are three types of chests. Chests of better quality bring better loot but are more expensive to open;
  • After opening certain amount of regular chests you automatically get a Superchest with even better things inside;
  • If you have spare keys by the time Black Market goes on break, these will be automatically spent on best chests available.



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